The Housatonic Trading Co. is located in the beautiful hills of Litchfield County Connecticut. Initially the showroom was in an antique brass electric light switch factory beginning in 2010. Two years later after outgrowing the space it moved to its present location, the second floor of an old brick building that once was the Flynn & Doyle Carriage and Sleigh Factory.

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You may notice a common theme amongst the antique, vintage and new objects that I choose to offer my clientele. Earthy, natural, textural, muted, organic in form as evident in the photo to the right. A vintage clay water pot from Asia, a carved wood ceremonial cup from Africa, a found carved wood bowl from India and other large found antique baskets filled with our new 100% linen 18" square napkins.

Within the store you will find an eclectic mix of some new items that are hand selected from various manufacturers that compliment the aesthetic of the vintage and antique items that we offer. Photo the left shows our solid carved marble condiment dishes, solid soapstone carved cheese/service boards and stoneware set of measuring cups.

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Robert was born and raised in Connecticut. After attending Bryant University he began his career working in the information technology consulting sector within the pharmaceutical and automotive industries. While living in Northwest Georgia he and his late husband (Robert Deyber) began collecting and treasure hunting while educating himself on antiquities, art, furniture design and genres with an eye for curating select pieces.

Over the course of a decade, multiple homes and lots of cool and interesting "stuff" collected, they were living in an antique colonial home built in 1776 in Litchfield, CT. While managing the studio and contemporary art career of Robert Deyber, he opened the Housatonic Trading Co. in 2010. It was within the same building in Bantam, CT where his husband's studio was, he began to market some of their finds to "edit" the amount of pieces they had amassed over the prior decade and prepare for a home renovation. This is how Housatonic Trading Co was born in 2010.

The business expanded into larger building across the street in 2012, where it is today. Since the passing of his husband in 2021, Robert continues to manage the art business of Robert Deyber, The Robert Deyber Foundation Inc., Graham Real Estate and The Housatonic Trading Co.