Antique Wood Carved Santo Figure Circa 1890



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The origin of this beautiful wooden Santo figure is unknown, but it came most likely from Central America or the Philippines, making this a colonial religious statue. The statue has been meticulously hand carved, and has great detail when it comes to the rendition of the face. A soft nose, big eyes, hat, draping robe, and other rendered features, although stylized, make this Santo image look very realistic.

The statue likely dates to the 1890’s and holes in his left hand suggest he may have held something originally mounted to his left hand.  His hands appear to be carved separately are now damaged. Some damage appears to be from a long time ago, some likely recently. All of this is understandable for the Santos’ age and does not detract from the charm of this piece. The wood is in great condition, solid with cracks and wear, and worn paint. The Santo represented is unknown.

9.75”H x 3.5”W x 3.25”D

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