(SOLD) Ebonized French Wood Three Drawer Carved End Table by RISKOFF c1960

Ebonized French End Table with Three Drawers, Thin Cabriole Chamfered Legs and Carved Gallery. Made by RISKOFF.

Measures: 26”h x 13.5” w x 10”d
3 drawers- 10” w x 8” d x 2” h

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RISKOFF: A furniture maker specializing in watchmaking carpentry (coffers, cartels) was created by Mr. Riskoff in 1934, following the fire of his first workshop in 1929. A new manufacturing workshop was built around 1946. In 1951, production turned to the manufacture of radio and television boxes. Then, in 1959, Riskoff Institutions started making rustic furniture. The company then experienced a tremendous expansion: it bought or leased buildings of bankrupt or struggling Champagne companies (for example, Rousseau and Avallet furniture factories), and became the first European producer of rustic furniture with 295 workers around 1965. New manufacturing workshops were built around 1965, 1970 and 1980. Riskoff went bankrupt in 1981.