(SOLD) Hermes Limited Edition Carbon Fiber & Havane Clemence Leather Three Speed Batavus Bicycle

This Hermes bicycle is the ultimate in luxury truly embodying the brand’s “sporting life” identity. Hermes collaborated with the Dutch bike company Batavus to create this special piece. This bike combines Hermes’s luxury excellence with Batavus’s bike making know how to create something special. This bike has an old school appearance but modern functionality. This bike is done in black and silver stainless steel and accented with leather. As to be expected of Hermes this bicycle includes many luxurious features including Shimano Nexus Gears in the hub, solid Axa locks, battery powered headlight, and lanyards on the racks at the back of the bike.

77″ Width x 44″ Height

Originally sold in 2008. Some oxidation to chrome accent on chain cover. Minor scratches/abrasions on frame, handle bars from minimal use.