(SOLD) “JOEY” Junior Ventriloquial Figure by Jerry Layne c1989

“JOEY” – Junior Ventriloquist Figure by Jerry Layne circa 1989 30″

Figure features:
Molded Heads & Hands
Slot-Jaw Mouth Action
Side to Side Eye Movement
Wood Body
Natural Looking Hair
Hand Painted Finish
Lever Controls
Ball & Socket Neck

Jerry Layne (1938 – 2018) was the ventriloquist host of Puppet People, a TV series produced from 1973 to 1975 at CFCF-TV in Montreal and telecast on most CTV television network stations. He worked with his “friends” Lester and Herbie, puppets created for the show.

Layne grew up in Brooklyn, NY during a time when ventriloquist acts were popular entertainment in theaters and clubs. He became interested in ventriloquism as a child and by age 14 was a student of ventriloquist Paul Winchell.

He went on to work in television production and eventually became a full-time ventriloquist performing on cruise ships and other entertainment venues. He also became known as builder of ventriloquist dummies.

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Dimensions 20 × 16 × 16 in