Marconi Spotlight Floor Lamp by Authentic Models #1


This spectacular floor lamp epitomizes the maritime signal spotlights used to communicate via Morse code on the high seas. This light is a replica of ones found next to the wheelhouses on French Navy battleships in the 1930s.

This oversized metallic floor lamp has a two-toned brass and polished aluminum finish, and is one of the larger vintage style lights in the Authentic Models collection. The bulb is a standard sized light bulb, the louvers are adjustable to adjust the amount of light that is reflected.

This fabulous floor lamp was previously used in a major fashion retail showroom floor and has evidence of use, scratches, patina, etc all of which only adds to its character. We have several of these available, each one will be listed as a separate offering and the photos you see are of the actual one you are purchasing.

Dimensions: 40”L x 40”W x 77”H

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