Shoulder Mount Taxidermy Labrador Caribou from Quebec 51″W x 60″H


Fantastic Labrador Caribou from Quebec-Labrador Region of Canada. Both paddles are intact!  This beautiful taxidermy has so much character and life to it, beautiful expression on the face and in the eyes.  Gorgeous blond coloring.  It has a wood form with a cutout and heavy duty metal inset bracket for easily hanging on a wall. It is heavy and should be anchored securely.  Estimated weight is approximately 75 lbs.   **Please note that the antlers DO NOT come off of this shoulder mount – they are fixed, so this will need a wide enough entry door to get into your home or office.  If there is enough room on the other side of a doorway, we believe it can fit through a minimum 36″ width opening as long as there is clearance on the other side.

Dimensions: 51″W x 60″H

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