Superb Rare 20th Century Carved Catrin Mask from Tlaxcala Region of Mexico



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A Superb Rare 20th Century Carved Danced Catrin Mask from Tlaxcala Region of Mexico. Great polychromy, delicate eye lashes, German-made reverse painted glass eyes, thinly carved walls! Pale/Greenish/Blue interior.


An authentic,vintage, exceedingly rare item. Originates from Tlaxcala Mexico and is made of Carved and lacquered wood. The craftsmen of these masks is laborious, and examples such as this may takes months to complete.

The Catrine mask is danced in several ceremonial dances, the most popular – the ‘Baile de los Catrines’ (Dance of the Dandies) and also the Baile de los Paragueros (Dance of the Umbrella Salesmen.)


Nahua and Otomi Indian villagers use them at their annual Carnival to poke fun at the wealthy Spanish landlords who settled in this region during the colonial era.
Its become increasingly dangerous to travel to this part of Mexico in recent years due to the drug activity in the region.

Given the craftsmanship this mask is almost certainly crafted by the multi-generational and famous carving family – The Reyes.


** It should also be noted, that this mask is carved of wood. There are frequently fiberglass versions (that appear overly glossy), that folks here try and proclaim are wooden.


Measures: 10″H x 6″W x 4″Depth  Very light weight.

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