Vintage Industrial Era Welded Steel Workdesk w/ Swingout Seat, Drawer, Cubbies 40.75”W x 29.5”D x 76”H


This is absolutely the coolest industrial piece we have had in years!  This piece does not look like a manufactured piece but rather a one off piece likely fabricated in a manufacturing facility or machine age era workshop made specifically for the tasks at hand.  It has an abundance of mounting holes for various uses, a pull out drawer, a swing out seat/stool and an area for perhaps a waste bin.  The surface is inset so you could add a piece of wood or leather covered wood to the surface and it would still be level.  All steel and all welded one piece.

Dimensions: 40.75”W x 29.5”D x 76”H
Seat Height 19.5”H
43”Depth with seat swung out
Top cubbies 15”H x 7.75”W
Lower cubbies 6”H x 7.75”W
7.5” H clearance under top cubbies to surface of desk
11 1/8” width x 19”H- slot on right lower area for waste bin?

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